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Took time to review all my options. Honest attorney

Met Mr kim. He took time to review my fianances and my options. He made my decision of going forward with my bankruptcy a lot easier. I struggled through the years to get caught up and pay off my debts but it seems like my debt just never went away. I appreciate the fact that took his time and explained to me in a way that it made sense.

– Zach

Smart and responsive

I met Pete to discuss my options for bankruptcy. He didn’t pull any punches in explaining to me what the bankruptcy will do and won’t do. I’ve met with other attorney before but didn’t get this level of explanation. Also I actually met him and not his assistant like other places. I hired Pete for my chp7 and everything is looking good so far. Thanks Pete

– Mark

Makes time for his clients

My hours are crazy because I’m a trucker but Mr. Kim met me early in the morning before office hours to get my case filed. He takes time to explain everything I was concerned about and makes himself available whenever I do call. I just started about a month ago but everything is going smoothly.

– Rob

Very specific and answer all our questions

Unfortunately I’m filing a bankruptcy but the Harvey flood really set me back on my mortgage and other debts. Min or Peter as he goes by, met me and my husband and talked to us about our options and was very patient with us as we went over all the question we had. We probably spent about 2 hours at his office discussing our concerns. We are meeting Peter this weekend to file our chp13 case. He made us feel reassured with our decision and going forward we feel confident that we will successfully finish our case.

– Melody

Best decision

I never thought i would file a bankruptcy but stuff happens. Mr. Kim met me on short notice and he explained to me what a bankruptcy was all about. He made me feel ok with the fact that I had to do this. I had to get my car out of repo and he was able to get it out in less then 24 hours. He kept me updated very quick and if I had any concerns he always made time to talk to me. Thank you Mr. Kim

– James

Stood by me until the end!

Peter was amazing from the beginning until the end. He made sure my chp7bankruptcy went smoothly. He made sure I was always prepare and it was like he knew what to expect before it happened so that I was fully prepared. I’m so happy to have hired him to help me with my bankruptcy

– Sheila

Thank you Mr Kim

Peter was great! I didn’t have wait for him to respond to my calls. He is always really fast about responding to my questions and he make sure to tell me what is going on with my case promptly. Thanks Peter

– Mike

Patient and always make time to answer my questions

Pete represents me on my chp13 bankruptcy to stop foreclosure of my home. He is always very fast to respond to my calls and takes time to answer all my questions. I’m very happy with hiring Pete to represent me.

– Albert

Very affordable and great attorney

Mr. Kim met me on short notice due to my car being repossessed. I was low on cash but Mr Kim was willing to work with me on the cost so I could get my case filed as soon as possible so I could get my car back. I think in less then2 days he got the car back for me. I’ve been in this chp13 bankruptcy for about 2months now and everything is going great.

– Jess

Great attorney and returns phone calls quick

I met Peter to help me to protect my home and my debts through a bankruptcy. He always was quick to return my calls to answer my questions and help me through the process

– Darlenee

Caring and very thorough

I was very scare to file bankruptcy, but Peter was very caring and thorough about the whole process. He took time to explain to me my options and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process.

– Judy

Excellent person and attorney

My wife and I just filed for chp 13 bankruptcy. We had debts from when we were younger and not so smart with our finances. We were being bombarded with creditors calling us and even filing law suits against us. We spoke to Peter and he explained to us all our options clearly and thoroughly so that we could make the decision for ourselves. We make good money now, so we couldn’t do a chp 7, but rather a chp 13 bankruptcy to pay back a portion of what we owed to our credit card companies which we are fine with. I appreciated the thoroughness and compassion that Peter showed my wife and I as he explained the bankruptcy option and I look forward to finishing my bankruptcy and start rebuilding my life

– Joseph

Saved my home from foreclosure

I had my home set for foreclosure and I didn’t know what to do. I spoke to Mr. Kim the day before my home was set for foreclosure and because I didn’t get out of work until 8pm, he met me after hours to file my case. Mr. Kim spent over 2 hours reviewing the different options I had and what the bankruptcy will provide for me. I decided that chp 13 bankruptcy was best for me since I was able to save my home. I appreciate the time Mr. Kim took to help my family and I.

– Corey Davis

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Client Reviews

Took time to review all my options. Honest attorney

Met Mr kim. He took time to review my fianances and my options. He made my decision of going forward with my bankruptcy a lot easier. I struggled through the years to get caught up and pay off my debts but...
- Zach
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