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Experienced. Compassionate. Understanding. Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Houston, Texas Area

Financial hardships can overwhelm even the best people. Although hard-working Texans pay bills responsibility, economic setbacks can leave you with more debt than income. Being overburdened with bills feels like sinking in quicksand. Fortunately, an experienced Houston bankruptcy attorney can be the life line you need.

At the Law Firm of Min Gyu Kim, PLLC, we help everyday people get a fresh financial start. Allow us to help you for a better tomorrow by resolving the economic burden that is weighing you down today.

Bankruptcy Stops Creditor Harassment

Whether you have suffered an illness, injury or your industry is undergoing a downturn, it is fundamentally unfair that you endure aggressive phone calls and collection notices. By filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy on your behalf, our determined legal team will make those unreasonable creditors cease and desist.

A Chapter 7 filing can wipe out excessive credit cards, medical bills, and many other debts that are beyond your ability to pay. Our experienced bankruptcy professionals will also petition to have personal property exempted and out of creditors’ reach. Many people are able to retain items such as tools of your trade, automobiles, and retirement accounts among others. This type of filing only takes about 90 days to complete and can provide you with a clean slate to rebuild your financial future.

In some cases, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be in your best interest. This pathway can reduce the need to liquidate certain assets. Chapter 13 allows you to reorganize your finances and provides time to get back on your feet. Like Chapter 7, creditors will be required to stop the harassing phone calls and letters. We will also see to it that attempts to take your home, business, automobile and other assets stop.

Houston Home Foreclosure Prevention Law Firm

In Texas, mortgage companies have the ability to foreclose on homes within months. If you have fallen behind due to an unforeseen economic hardship, it’s important to contact an attorney to prevent the bank from seizing and selling your home.

As a law firm that works to protect property owners, our legal team will use every means available to defend your rights. After reviewing your unique circumstances, we will craft a home foreclosure defense that could include a temporary restraining order, Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, or loan modification agreement among others. Our one goal will be stopping the uncaring mortgage corporation from displacing you and your family. When you contact the Law Firm of Min Gyu Kim, PLLC, you are not alone.

Car Repossession Prevention Law Firm

Car repossession remains one of the most difficulty areas of law in Texas. The state requires little or no notice that they are coming to take your vehicle. As one of the most aggressive collection actions taken against everyday people, the importance of having an experienced attorney cannot be understated.

When you financed the vehicle, the lienholder probably included language that allows them to legally repossess the car or truck on their terms. Many lenders will include penalties, fees and attempt to burden you with the repossession cost. It’s important to contact an attorney the moment you begin to fall behind on the payments so that proactive measures can be taken. If a repossession has already occurred, you will have a small window to file a bankruptcy defense before the vehicle is sold at auction.

At the Houston, Texas, Law Firm of Min Gyu Kim, PLLC, we want you to know that you are not alone during these difficult times. By working with an experienced and determined Houston bankruptcy attorney, you can earn a fresh start. Contact our Houston office for a consultation and allow us to help you for a better tomorrow.

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Took time to review all my options. Honest attorney

Met Mr kim. He took time to review my fianances and my options. He made my decision of going forward with my bankruptcy a lot easier. I struggled through the years to get caught up and pay off my debts but...
- Zach
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